Apprentice Code Academy

Bridging Africa's skill gap through apprenticeship.

Apprentice Cloud addresses Africa's looming skills gap by connecting inexperienced graduates with employers through apprenticeship programs, workshops, and mentorship, fostering innovation and sustainable economic development aligned with UN SDGs.

Our Story

Our story begins in 2009 when, at the age of 19, Our Founder was employed as a peer teacher at a Day Secondary School in Rural Kenya. Driven by the desire to see his childhood friends excel academically, he dedicated himself to their success, ultimately witnessing all of them secure placements in higher education institutions. In the same year he launched a computer college in order to upskill the rural community which introduced him to the world of business and entrepreneurship. After earning a degree in Software Engineering from Kenyatta University, our founder embarked on a career as a junior software developer at Software Technologies Limited, where his proficiency in software development and training improved.

Training Growth Rate

Bridge to Success

In 2020, our founder was tasked by the Africa Development Bank, in collaboration with Simplon, an active pedagogy software development training company, to train a group of 30 students under the Code for Employment program. This endeavor proved highly successful, with 80% of the cohort completing the training, and 20 out of 24 students securing prestigious job placements worldwide. Recognizing the gap between theoretical classroom training and the practical demands of the job market, our founder founded Apprentice Cloud to address this disparity.

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Bridging the Gap: Throug+h Empower African Youth in Tech

Apprentice Cloud aims to bridge the divide between academic training and industry needs by nurturing young talent and connecting them with employers and software development contracts. Through partnerships with educational institutions, employers and the implementation of apprenticeship programs, we provide hands-on learning experiences and mentorship opportunities. Our mission aligns with Sustainable Development Goals 1, 8, and 17, as we strive to empower Africa's youth, promote economic growth, and foster partnerships for sustainable development.

Impact and Alignment

Our efforts aren't just about individual success; they're about contributing to broader goals of sustainable development. We're proud to align our mission with Sustainable Development Goals 1, 8, and 17, focusing on empowering Africa's youth, promoting economic growth, and fostering partnerships for sustainable development.

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